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Friday, 16 March 2007
The Coach Story - contributed by Speedplay.

The coach and I have always gotten along and been able to joke around with each other, so when we where about to face each other in the closed club league we both participate in the mental game when it began. I think I was first by asking him if he was prepared to lose. He laughed me off and said I wouldn't cause him any threat. I replied that he hadn't played me since I switched to the good Dr's rubbers. Once again he stated his superiority by claiming that the day he lost to me he would give up on table tennis.

So, on the matchday there was some intense feelings, mostly from him. He won the first point and shouted something like:
-That's how you pick the chickens!
So when I won the second point I thought it was only that fair that I yelled back:
-That's how you toast the rooster!
It became obvious that he didn't enjoy that and the game got serious...
I grabbed the two first set with ease but then I begun to struggle as I became to passive, inviting him back into the game and all of a sudden it was a tie at 2-2!

Then he kind of invited everyone to watch him destroy me with my crap rubber (Super block) as he figuered out how to play against it. So, I switched tactics, returned serve with the SB and then attacked with Fh to kill of the ball as soon as possible. While on my own serve I went for the 3rd ball kill. Destroyed him as I went up 10-2, missed a couple of shot's before I could finish him of 11-6 in the determining set.

Needless to say, he was furious, threw his bat in his trunk and rushed out of the court, forgot half of his stuff, went back with his head lowered in shame as everyone there had seen him been destroyed by a noob like me. He didn't talk to me for 2 weeks after that...

Now, I have beaten some of the real good players in the league, amongst them one player who plays in the regular league team and I have been asked by the coach if I would be interested to play in the new team he is about to form for the coming season. Sure, it's bottom league in Sweden, but he has obviously changed his minds about my playing ability. And no, he hasn't given up on table tennis...
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