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Written by Speedplay   
Friday, 16 March 2007

Another fun part took place during a recent practise. I played against a very spin oriented player who has been playing a couple of years more then I have. So, after grabbing the first 2 sets against him the usual complaints started:

-Your rubber destroys the game.
-No need to serve on you as you simple put your rubber to the ball, that ain't skill!
-It isn't fun to play against it, the game get's no rhytm and there is no skill involved. And some other stuff like that.

So, being a true sportsman like I am, I offerd to play double inverted for our third encounter of the evening. Gently I reminded him, he hadn't been beaten by the rubber but by the user as it requires some touch to play the way I do. This he didn't belived and he almost drooled when he accepted my offer of a game with pure inverted rubber's.

So, I switched bat and the game began. Once again he got all frustrated as his serves didn't win him any points, they hardly gave him any advantages at all. His heavy loops where still returned as dropshot pushes or something like that. His attempts to chop or push ended up with me hitting through his spin in an attacking manner he didn't expect. End result was off course another win for me.

After that game he admitted that it wasn't just the rubber, he had been outplayed even with the inverted ones and he admired my skill and touch to perform such drop shot's against his heavy loop's. Happy to have restored some of the reputation we pip's players have to endure I gently slipped my bat in to the bat case, no need to show him my very inverted Twisted Evil
JUIC Neoanti...

The things one have to do to get some credit as a pip player, it's unbeliveble

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