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Written by Mathias   
Thursday, 18 October 2007
Juic Leggy OX, by Mathias

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To summarize I got the defence version with 2mm soft sponge - it was awful, 2mm hard sponge might have been ok, but the soft sponge just made it like spinny short pips. It was worse than that because this is a sticky rubber (for European/ Japan pip standards) with a smooth tip that looks very frictionless. Anyway spin in, inverse spin straight out - whats the point in that?

I pulled the sponge off and the pip that emergeny was an interesting OX. I play a fair few OX rubbers and this interested me. It turns out to be a medium hard pip - really a soft pip but its on the border line in my opinion; compared to Cloud and Fog III its a hard pip - but thats ultra soft (topsheet not sponge). The topsheet is less hard than Allegator soft which is the softest frictionless pip I've played. If I spin the ball on inverted, twiddle and bounce it on the pips then all the spin disappears and becomes a float - on OX Shocked So doesn't appear to reverse spin on blocking, but if you let the ball pull with the inverse spin you get a little reverse spin. Of course a flick of the wrist and you get alot of reverse spin, in fact a small flick of the wrist gives a fair amount of reverse spin. So far not bad. If you bounce the ball up on it than the pips deviate the path slightly.

Gave it a few knocks and it looked good. The stickiness allowed real attacks to take place, secondly it was fast on OX incredibly fast for OX - its on an OFF blade though (Septear). Not only could I hit with confidence I could manipulate the spin on the vertical stroke, i.e. loop - yeah you could loop with it, or lift (float return) and you didn't have to be careful either about getting the ball on the other side of the court the stickiness took care of that. On OX the shift was obvious - apart from the difference in speed - because a float/lift went 'clonk' and a loop went 'ping'. The loop returned very mild inverse spin. In addition a quick flick of the wrist would deliver good reverse spin and in actually fact a block also gave inverse spin in contrast to my tests (obviously not as heavy as frictionless). You could swipe wobble with it, do reverse spin drop shots in fact great control on many strokes, particularly attacking strokes. OX the rubber is weighted towards reverse spin in normal play, a little hard to get a straight float from a block and will do mild inverse spin on brush stroke shots. With a little sponge under the pips (and there are many of them - small and packed) will gobble the ball and start shifting rapidly to inverse spin.

I liked it. I'll need to play a good player though to check out precisely how effective it is, but the ability to just 'welly' the ball at the opponent and place within the last 6'' - 1 foot of the end of the table is a tribute to the control it delivers and is bound to course problems against any player partic. when the next shot is twiddle / inverted loop. Manipulating float to mild inverse spin is hardly point winning but mild inverse and good reverse certainly is.

Anyway I've put 1mm sponge under my previous pip Donic Allegator soft and will check out how this performs. In the meantime I'm sticking with Leggy OX - the range of spins is impressive and ease of attacking to the extent of manipulating the spin on the attack isn't bad. You can't manipulate the spin on any frictionless attack (although I've not checked out Inferno or Monster - but I seriously doubt it).

I can begin to see what Carl Prean was getting up to. Leggy OX is not available in shops, but its perfectly legal....... at least for now Shocked
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