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Written by haggisv   
Thursday, 18 October 2007
Dr N Scalpel, by haggisv

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Well I finally had few games with, and here are my thoughts:

- short game/ return of serves is excellent with this rubber, easy to control, hardly sensitive to incoming spin, and excellent spin reversal. It's probalby not as good as SB, but easier to control than most other LP rubbers I have tried. Even no spin balls were quite easy to control. I could impart NO spin on the ball on serves or pushes.

- attacking backspin was easy and effective. It was really good here, and appeared to have a little grip to give more control.

- attacking topspin was harder, but a counter punch or chop block attack was very effective. It did not seem to have the extreme spin reversal for the faster shots, which is an advantage when you attack topspin. This rubber seemed quite fast on aggressive strokes.

- Hitting was great with the rubber, hard and fast.

- Away from the table the control was decent but not great. Chopping against loops was a little slow, and worked well but I was not nearly getting as much spin reversal as close to the table. This tells this rubber does have some grip the harder you hit it. I could actualy get some variation in the spin I returned, but nothing like the gripppy LPs.

I was actually quite impressed with the rubber, I prefer it to my grippy LPs close to the table, because it's slow and has great spin reversal. Away from the table it still offers decent control, but grippy pips are far more effective there.

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