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Written by haggisv   
Thursday, 18 October 2007
Kokutaku 911 Long pips, by haggisv

Source: Forum Thread:

The pips feel fairly stiff and are closely spaced. Tips are only slightly rough, but edges seems to have some grip.

I tried this rubber in OX, wheras the review above was for 0.6mm. This might explain why it felt so different to me...

I found the control for chopping pretty average, I just could not feel the ball sinking into the pips very much, which I personally want to feel. Spin reversal was average, although i have not tried it against a fast looper.

This rubber gets better, the harder you hit against (or with it), but is not that good on the soft shots. I guess that ties in with the firmer pips that don't bend much untill you hit it harder.

The one thing it really excelled on was really hits like a short pip... and I was amazed how often I got the ball on...

For agressive blocking it was quite good too, but again this is not really my style of game.

I really didn't like this rubber much (except for hitting), I just didn't feel comfortable with I won't do a detailed review on it... perhaps with a sponge it does play a lot better...

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