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Written by haggisv   
Thursday, 18 October 2007
TSP Curl P-2, by haggisv

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I just had a bit of a hit with it at work. This rubber is OUTSTANDING for control! No wonder Greg liked it.

The pips feel a little soft and grippy, and the sponge very hard.
On the blade the rubber feels quite soft and the rubber fairly slow (but not Dr N type slow!).

Chopping against loops gave me great feel and control. I could return the ball short with a little or no backspin. The spin reversal is not that good for this rubber, but i still had some control over the amount of spin I returned. My opponent had all sorts of trouble reading what was coming back.

Chopping against backspin worked quite well too, and I was able to keep the ball very low, and had good control over the placement. it seemed to produce a little backspin, but not a lot...

Similarly on blocking, I had great control (and I'm NOT a good blocker!) and it produced mainly floaters.

Hitting it felt just like a short pip, and came off fairly fast, and it was quite insensitive to incoming spin. Attacking backspin it seemed to produce some spin reversal, at least enough to make it drop on the other end. This was easy and could be done with great control.

This is an excellent rubber for controlled attack or defence. Against heavy spin you can mix up how much spin you return, but don't have as much range as with some of the grippy long pips. It works very well close or away from the table. For those that rely on spin reversal or on a high level of deception from the pips alone, this is probably not the one for you...But for those that like to both attack and defend, and make it very awkward for many loopers, this is an great rubber...
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