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Written by speedplay   
Thursday, 18 October 2007
Dawei 388D, by speedplay

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Finally got around to try it and if the 388D-1 is supposed to be more similar to the Saviga V then this one, then it's probably just a sheet of renamed Saviga V...

Tried it on the Joola Cat. Black 0.5

First impression: Looked a lot like the Saviga V, pips might be a little bit smaller and slightly closer to each other. Also, the top of the pip's a completly flat, not like the Saviga V which is rough.

I didn't find this rubber to be anything spectacular, but still a good LP rubber. The level of friction is less then the one on Saviga V when striking the ball, but it feels like it's slightly more friction when simply blocking.

The pace was slower then Saviga V but not by much. It's rated as a defensive LP and is supposed to be good for chopping. Judging from control, this is true, exellent control when chopping away from the table. What wasn't as great was the ability to make your own spin with it. It was far less then Saviga V.

On the other hand, it was real easy to attack with this, I could attack no spin balls with good result, as could I with backspin's. Topsins wasn't as succesful but manageble.

Easy to make drop shot and recive serve with.

Overall impression, Very close to the Saviga V but it trail's in pretty much everything. Makes me suspect that Saviga V is a newer version of this with some of the falws corrected. Still, it's a very nice rubber and I feelt it was easier to get going with this then the Saviga V but that's perhaps due to their similarities and I have already got used to the Saviga V?

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