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Written by speedplay   
Thursday, 18 October 2007
Saviga V, by speedplay

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I used it on a Yasaka Balsa+ Blade, Sprungfeder G3 A4 on the other side.

It's mentioned as an attacking long pimpled rubber and I must say that I wonder, why? I had little, close to zero succes with my attacks. The few hits that I managed to get on the table where much to slow and "straight" to cause my opponent any troubble. Might be that it takes some time to get used to, maybe I used to much of the techniq I use with super block?

As a chopping rubber, this was a thing of BEAUTY! Almost feel in love with it from the first chop. It was very easy to keep the chops low and even the flat strokes my opponent tried came back with a decent amount of backspin. Exellent controll, but I still have to figure some things out. Compared to the Super block, I was able to give more backspin and lower returns 4 times out of 5. What buggers me is this 5th time... When I screw up with SB, the return still provides my opponent with problems. When I screwed up with this I littaraly gave my opp a ballon to hammer. So, I would say that the margin of error is much smaller then with the SB.

Service receving with this wasn't quite as amusing as with the SB... Now I had to look at the serve and the spin on it before I returned it, with SB I simply placed the bat in front of the balls path and everything worked great. This requires some work, but I'm sure it will be fine, it's still a lot easier to use then regular inverted.

Speedwise it was faster the SB, no surprise their. What surprised me more was the huge affect the incoming spin had on the outgoing speed. Blocking, SB way, on a heavy loop didn't work well, the ball accelerated and most often it went long. Requires much more activity then SB. Backspin didn't kick off against it as much as with SB, regular block was shorter then usuall, so I had to either chop back or push harder when blocking. Speed review might be a failure as I used it on a different (read: slower) blade then my SB.

Control: this is what I really loved about it, I feelt so much more in control of the game then I do when I use SB! It provided me with alternatives that wasn't avaliable with SB. I could produce spin, I could reverce spin or I could change the spin. Also, it gave me a better "knowledge" where the ball was going to land, with SB I only know it will be somewhere on the table, now I could choice more precisly where I wanted it.

So, conclusions are: I loved this rubber! I will surely use it again, for practise, and hopefully I will one day be brave enought to replace the SB with this even when it comes down to matches.
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