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Written by Kees   
Thursday, 18 October 2007
Meteor L 8512, by Kees

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I tried out a sheet of the Meteor L 8512 DEF today. I used it on a Tibhar CO-S-3 blade, which is extremely slow, flexible, and has a very soft feel. The Meteor's topsheet is available in OX and with 0.5, 1.0, 1.5 mm; I had it on a 0.5 mm sponge (which is yellow and very soft, with an - to me - uncommon structure, resembling that of cardboard, that is, it seems to have a row of parallel tubes instead of random "holes" as in an ordinary sponge). The topsheet itself is pretty heavy, compared to Friendship 755 or 837. It is also rather soft and very flexible. The pips are not extraordinary long, but quite broad and are close together. The tops are ribbed (grippy), the sides seem quite smooth.

First of all: this rubber offers great control. On my Friendships, when I hold the blade horizontally and drop a ball on it, the ball will sometimes bounce somewhat unpredictably, going not straight up all the time. Not so with the Meteor. When chopping I was aware of the same; you can land the ball anywhere you want on the table, deep or close to the net, as well as close to the sidelines. A very comfortable feeling!

Speed is probably medium to low; there was not much difference with the Friendships. The OX version will be real slow, I guess.

Spin reversal is not great, but a bit better than with the Friendships. I had to return the ball at least two times before my trainingpartner began to have serious problems. But for a beginner like me, that is OK. Also, I was able to add some backspin of my own, especially on fast balls; the sponge helps.

I didn't like it over or close to the table. Spinreversal is too low to be dangerous. The rubber blocks OK but does little else. Looping (sort of) is possible, but very hard and produces virtually no-spin balls all the time.

Summing up, on itself the Meteor L 8512 DEF seems to be a rubber especially well suited for classic defence, at mid-distance or (even better) far away from the table. Occasional attack is possible, but the rubber doesn't seem to fit the demands a modern chopper-attacker would make. Nevertheless, if combined with an inverted rubber that packs some punch and is used when coming in to the table, there is no reason to stay back all the time and counter-attacking becomes a serious option.
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