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Written by dusha   
Thursday, 18 October 2007
Hallmark Friction Special, by dusha

Source: Forum Thread:

- chop-block is OK, however spin reversal is less than from Original.
Cannot specify how much less since there were nobody around to play
AGAINST ME with this stuff. Control while chop-blocking is better than
with Original;

- push is much more reliable, trajectory is plane (pushing underspin does
not return much topspin), rally pace and ball placement are easily

- counterdrives are very dangerous for opponents since spin variation.
I was able to counterdrive against Robopong 2040 till the speed of 7. At
higher speed I cannot control the ball this way (scales could differ on
robots however 7 is rather speedy drive on my machine);

- underspin balls could be effectively attacked. Seems that declared
minimal friction could be observed with some kinds of strokes and
could not with other.

- away from table chopping defense is good. Even on very fast wood.

Testing with slower blades was less impressive however satisfactory.
Speed like Inferno from Doctor with other trajectory.

Conclusion - pips for advanced players who wish to get points from their
own active strokes not only confusing "innocent" players with freaky spin
returns. Also good for those who want to switch from classical (like
Feint) long pips.
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