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Written by Jasper   
Thursday, 18 October 2007
Feint soft, by Jasper

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Here's my opinion ont the LP I'm currently using

blade: Three Ball Allplayer (European shop brand), plays like BTY grubba all
FH: Tackiness C 1.3
BH; Feint soft 0.6

First of all, though this setup looks like I'm a classical defender, I'm not. I play close to the table controlled attack with this, following the advice of my club's only 'serious' LP player: 'play actively with this, it won't win points by itself!' He was very much right (although there are no LP that play by themselves...).
This rubber is VERSATILE, it can do about anything you want. (during the warm-up, I astound my opponents by just giving flat no spin balls on any of their shots). The pips are very soft (they bend easily) and grippy.

Stronger points:
-Attacking underspin balls: very easy, controllable yet fast
-attacking top spin/no spin balls: EASY, what the opponent doesn't expect from your LP
-choppin underspin balls: easy, some underspin possible
-chopping loops and flat hits: easy controllable, although not that much spin reversal
-versatility allow you to dominate the rally and force errors from the opponent

Weaker points:
-low spin reversal
-blocking topspin balls: controllable, but not spinny/deceptive, so easy pickings for a good hitter/loop killer (you can avoid this by practice on placement and keeping it low)
-chop and float is hard, because it's hard to put much backspin on your chops

I would recommend it for close to the table play, and for players who want their LP to be able to do anything they want (even somewhat of a loop from mid-distance). You will have to put a lot of effort in if you're used to say a Super Block, because it will require a lot more 'active' strokes. If you're a pure defender (mid-long range chopper), there are way better LP's for your style.
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