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Written by kineticexplorer   
Thursday, 18 October 2007
Hallmark Friction Special, by kineticexplorer

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In any case, I just had a try with my FS today (Red OX) and this is my brief take:

(a) Feel-the surface feels grippy and in fact, sticky. I am sure it is treated because when I fold the pips into half so that they touch each other or even when I am gluing my inverted and the pips touch the surface (since they are facing down), the pips showed what appeared to be glue streaks.

When you bounce the pips off your blade, it feels slow-not as slow as SB or Original but certainly slower then convetional grippy LPs.

Tips of the pips feels a little softer than SS but harder than Original Black.

(b) Speed-when put into blade, speed of FS is between Original Red and SS.

(c) Control-control is fairly average. Although it is not very fast, the pips produce more forward momentum than conventional FS. In effect, your shots will carry a bit further and possibly easier to attack. For me, the control on this pip is weaker than Original and SS.

(d) Spin-now I know why Steve has not given it a spin rating. Flips with these are difficult to grip and produces weakish and slowish top spin strokes. When you hit it with sidespin, it lacks the penetration and pace that conventional grippies can produce.

(e) Reversal/Disturbing-for my money, the reversal on FS is weaker then Original Red, Black and even SS. For close to the table, it blocks a little better than most grippies but with less reversal than many f-less. There are fewer wobbles than with most f-less.

(f) Style-I think this is more of an attacking pip than a controlled, heavy reversal one. It is not really suitable for chopping away from the table as I found the lack of control from mid table, either bh lifting/lobbing, to be a bit difficult to control.

(g) Conclusion-I don't think FS plays like a f-less pip (fyi i don't think the speed is similar to inferno-inferno is more f-less with some abilities to spin). But then I also do not think it plays like a conventional Chinese or Japanese LP, so I am a bit confused what would be the sort of players that would be attracted to it. If I want to play grippies, I would play my C8, 755 etc. If I want to play f-less, I prefer my Original Black or SS.
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